Inspiration for Design

Making memories!  Spending time together in our homes gives great perspective into the importance of creating memorable experiences in our homes. This has influenced my philosophy of knowing how special these interactions are in our own home. Our homes are our places of refuge from the world, places to spend time with friends and family. Our homes provide comfort, peace,  rest and fun for the whole family. Home is where life happens!

My Tip for you: Think of 10 things for your list that makes you happy.
“Indulge in happiness”.

Recycling. I love recycling.

Repurposing old furniture with a new life and new purpose. You can create anything from something old just by giving it a different style through color, pattern and  texture

Lots of Color! Color is needed in every space.

If you cannot commit to adding permanent color and you want to be versatile, the use of artwork and accessories is one way where color can be infused into any space.

The Best cup of coffee!

Enjoy the best vanilla latte on the island at Morning Glass Café in Manoa.

Mini Makeovers!

Find mini projects to do around the house like painting  a wall, changing your pillows, buying artwork, you will be amazed how little changes can create a happier you.

Splurge on flowers.

Using natural accessories like flowers is one of the easiest decorating tool, you can never have too many of them and they smell great too.

Antique Shopping!

Whether you are out hunting at garage sales, thrift shops, or antique stores it is always fun to find something that  adds a little vintage old character  to any space; it creates a transition from things old to new.

Have Fun!

Changing your look or style for your room changing your pillows are an easy approach to change the look of your sofa or furnishings in the room. Making new pillow can be an easy DIY project if you are looking for one.

Breakfast buffet.

Treat yourself to Sheraton Moana’s breakfast brunch on their beautiful veranda lanai best way to enjoy your food at a beautiful and historic hotel on the beach in Waikiki.

More Aloha Please!

This covers so much to be said about living on this beautiful island, that I call home. Doing our part matters, like picking up trash at the beach, recycling everything possible, planting more trees, volunteering time and talent for a local cause is truly important. Doing our part to keep ALOHA alive!

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