Savor the Holiday Season  Oct-Dec

Refresh your home for the holiday season with some simple design suggestions. We can help you have your house ready for your holiday guests. Whether you require a rearrangement of your furniture plan or need some new accessories, making a few adjustments can make all the difference. We can get your house holiday ready for your parties!

Room by Room Transformations  Jan – April

Transform your home one room at a time. If you want a change but don’t know where to begin, we can take it one step at a time and work with transforming the selected room of your choice. We can come up with an overall comprehensive plan for your home but give you the option of doing only one room at a time. If you have been holding off don’t hesitate to get started on achieving your goals, we can help get you there one room at a time! Call or email us today to get your room transformation project underway!

In Need of some Personal Space  May – Aug

We all need some personal space to relax, unwind, think,  and restore. Creating a personal space or haven within your home can be like going on a vacation at home. We can be creative in designing your personal space to reflect your style, needs, and desires.  We can create the room that you always imagined by working closely with you to discover your own personal style for your personal space. Call or email us to design your personal space today!

Color Revolution  Sept-Dec

Color is universal but very personal. Color can be vivid but subtle. Color can influence an emotion and create a reaction.  Color is anything but boring. Why not explore the possibilities of how color can enhance your space. Color applied to your interiors can create an impact in any space, color can be applied to the walls, lighting, furniture, artwork, and accessories.  Let us use our imagination and come up with a color solution for your design.

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